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Why its important to have a humidifier attached to your furnace? 

Have you ever awake in the middle of the night and your mouth was dry or had difficult breathing. Its a feeling that most Americans face in their homes every night. Humidifiers that are attached to your furnace has its benefits over freestanding models, most notably that you only need one of them to humidify your entire home. Usually, they are installed during installation, but you can install at a later date. It is important to make sure that the humidifier is compatible with your heating system, but this may not be possible on all furnaces.

 A list of the benefits are:

  • Less dry heat

  • It deter the growth of microorganisms

  • It moisturize your entire home and a portable humidifier only moisturize one room

  • If your air ducts are not clean, it will blow bacteria, fungi, mold, and pollen throughout your living environment.

  • Just to name a few..... 

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